As a client (hereby known as ‘you’) of Collinson Furniture Ltd, operating under the trading name Edward Collinson (hereby known as ‘Edward Collinson’, ‘EC’, ‘we’, or ‘us’), we would like to familiarise you with the process of placing an order with us, to ensure that your Edward Collinson experience is a satisfactory one. By placing an order with us, you agree to the Terms & Conditions hereby specified. Please speak with a member of our team if you have any further questions.


The latest Retail, Trade, and Wholesale price lists are valid from the 1st of January 2020 and supersede all previous pricing. All prices shown in our Retail price list are our retail prices in GBP £ inclusive of VAT and are final for all private customers. All prices shown in our Trade price list are recommended public prices in GBP £ exclusive of VAT, any local taxes and before any discounts granted by Edward Collinson to its trade partners. All prices shown in our Wholesale price list are recommended public prices in GBP £ exclusive of VAT, any local taxes and include wholesale discounts granted by Edward Collinson to its wholesale partners. Pricing excludes shipping unless otherwise agreed in a written contract (see ‘Delivery’ and ‘Ex-Works’ for further details). Quotations are valid for a period of 30 days unless otherwise stated.


An order is considered ‘placed’ on receipt of a deposit. Upon receipt of the deposit manufacture will commence.

Deposits are non-refundable. By paying the deposit you agree to the invoice schedule as outlined in the invoice. EC reserves the right to reject any PO, and you will be so notified. Once a PO has been accepted by us you will be issued with an Invoice specifying the deposit payable before manufacture commences. 


Edward Collinson standard terms require full payment prior to dispatch of products. Stock items require a single full payment prior to dispatch. MTO orders require a 50% deposit prior to commencement of production, and payment of the balance prior to dispatch, collection or installation. Bespoke orders require a 12% design deposit prior to commencement of design work and a further deposit of 38% prior to commencement of production, and payment of balance prior to dispatch, collection or installation.

Additional payment terms may be agreed with trade partners in written contracts signed by both parties.


Invoices already issued will not be void in the event of a cancellation. Once an order has been placed by the means specified in ‘Order Placement’, no cancellation of that order will be valid unless you receive written communication endorsing the cancelled order by us. Cancellation of orders can only be accepted in writing and may incur a cancellation fee up to 60% of the order value. Any deposits paid towards MTO or Bespoke orders will not be refunded and cancelations received by EC after dispatch of the products will not be accepted.


The ‘lead time’ for Stocked goods is defined as the number of weeks or days from the order balance paid to the dispatch. Edward Collinson may hold stock of our best-selling products, and these are normally available for dispatch on a lead time within 5 working days. While we make every effort for maintain regular stock levels of our best-selling products, any order received when a product is no longer in stock will automatically be considered a MTO order and you will so be notified. To learn about or current stock levels please get in contact with a member of our team.


The ‘lead time’ for MTO goods is defined as the number of weeks or days from the deposit paid to the expected dispatch date and excludes shipping times. Lead times vary from product to product. Indicative lead times are included in the Trade and Wholesale price lists. The actual estimated lead time applicable to a specific MTO order will be stated in the order confirmation or Invoice. Please note bespoke orders will require additional ‘design time’, excluded from the production lead time. EC will not be liable to pay any late penalties or damages unless these are expressly quantified in advance and form part of a written contract signed and agreed by both parties. EC will not be liable to pay third party costs arising from work instructed by others or any other cost arising from delayed completion of an order.


On occasion the lead time on a MTO or Bespoke order may be reduced. This will incur an expediting fee calculated at 5% of the Invoice value per week. It is never our preference to expedite orders. We will make every effort to complete orders within the agreed lead time.


Edward Collinson will only deliver to agreed addresses which can be warehouse locations or kerbside and is not responsible for off-loading or installations of the goods unless otherwise agreed and stated in the Invoice. Customers are required to provide appropriate equipment and manual labour at the delivery point at their own expense. We may agree to organise shipping to an agreed address, in this instance we will provide estimate delivery times. We are unable to accept any liability for failure to deliver products within the estimated time resulting from shipment/delivery delays from our suppliers. Delivery will not be organised until the Invoice balance has been received by us. If delivery cannot be agreed within 14 days of order completion, a storage fee of up to but not exceeding £500 per week will be payable to us. This fee will be invoiced weekly to you until delivery has been agreed and arranged. If an order is undeliverable and is returned to our warehouse, the client will be liable to pay the cost of return and re-delivery. All products with delivery organised by EC remain the property of EC until the goods are delivered to the appointed shipping or storage agent. All international deliveries arranged by Edward Collinson will be on DAP terms (Delivered-at-Place), and the client is responsible to cover any import duties and applicable taxes in their territory.


Ex-works orders must be collected at our UK warehouse. A copy of the dispatch list (DL) and Invoice with packing dimensions and collection instructions will be communicated to the client once products are ready for collection and the Invoice balance has been received by us. No collection shall be arranged before the Invoice balance has been completed, unless agreed in writing by EC. The client must book collection in advance with Edward Collinson quoting the DL details provided and the freight forwarder must quote the DL or Invoice number on collection, failure to provide a valid DL or Invoice number will result in EC not releasing the goods. Any goods not collected within 14 days of completion will incur a storage fee of £500 per week payable to us. This fee will be invoiced weekly to you until the goods are collected. For VAT to be zero-rated proof of export documents must be received by Edward Collinson within 30 days of collection date.


Any returns must be agreed in advanced by EC failing which no refund or replacement will be accepted. The client is required to inspect the products within 48h of receipt. Notification of damage to any products received must be notified to EC in writing within 5 days of delivery by providing us with images of packaging and damages as well as a written condition report. Any potential claims associated with shipping damage must be notified to the carrier in writing by recording damage details on the accompanying shipment documentation confirmed by the carrier’s signature. Any agreed returns will only be accepted if products are returned in original packaging and unused.


Installation is only provided where explicitly agreed and noted in the Invoice. Unless otherwise stated installation excludes any alterations to the building fabric to accommodate the furniture. Any necessary protection of the surroundings shall be the responsibility of the client or additional contractors managed by the client. EC will not be liable for damages caused by failure to protect the surrounding finishes. EC will not be liable for delays to the installation schedule or damage to the product caused by any third parties or the client during the installation period. Upon completion of the installation, the client or a representative of the client shall thoroughly inspect the product with a representative from EC to ensure the installed goods meet the terms of our contract. EC will not be liable for any faults in the product occurred after this inspection has been carried out. EC must be notified of any required correction to the product within 7 days of completion of installation. Unless otherwise agreed, EC is responsible for a single round of corrections. Additional corrections required thereafter shall incur an additional fee related to the amount of labour, transport and material costs this will require.


Edward Collinson offers a 5-year warranty covering attested defects of manufacture and provided the buyer has been compliant with the agreed terms of supply including payment. The Invoice provided to the client is the warranty guarantee, and the warranty starts from the point of delivery. The client is responsible for retaining the Invoice and Proof of Delivery for the duration of the warranty period for EC to confirm the goods are within the agreed warranty period. Any modifications imparted onto the product by the client or a third party will automatically void the standard warranty.


The artisan techniques used in our manufacturing of wood, leather and stone products creates unique pieces, some of which may feature characteristics of hand-crafted manufacturing (i.e., variations). Every effort is made to ensure colour and finish matches; however, Edward Collinson cannot guarantee exact colour and finish match for any product manufactured in wood, leather or stone. Digital and physical material swatches are for reference only. Whilst every effort is made to ensure accurate representation of product colours, finishes, and dimensions, Edward Collinson reserve the right to alter these details without notice in compliance with our own production needs or technological changes.


Our products are not suitable for outdoor use unless specifically stated. Certain products or fabrics are not recommended for use in public spaces or other high-intensity environments. Durability and mechanical strength of materials, joints and fixings may be compromised at clients on risk if the product is placed within an unsuitable environment, is misused, or the provided care and maintenance instructions are not followed. Edward Collinson will not be liable for the wrong use a product once delivered to the client unless its purpose has been agreed in writing and is noted in the Invoice.


Any components used within our goods manufactured with third parties are not the explicit responsibility of Edward Collinson. Any fault in these is the responsibility of their manufacturer, and EC is not liable for any fault this may cause to our goods. The manufacturer shall be contacted for financial compensation and requests for replacement parts. Some examples of third-party components which could be at fault may include kitchen taps, piping work, white-ware, hinges, drawer mechanisms, screws, lacquer finishes etc.


Edward Collinson reserves the right to carry out modifications to its price list and terms of supply without prior notice and with immediate effect.


All the designs shown by Edward Collinson are protected under copyright law. Edward Collinson has the property right manufacture and sell these products and holds the exclusive manufacturing and distribution right worldwide. Any infringements will be prosecuted.


The agreements regulated by these Terms & Conditions shall be governed by laws of the United Kingdom and the customer agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the UK courts.


Following a client’s purchase order by email or mail, only receipt of an Edward Collinson invoice constitutes a contract to supply. Any discrepancies must be notified within 3 working days of the receipt of the Invoice. Any typographical, clerical or other accidental errors or omissions on documentation or information issued by Edward Collinson shall be subject to correction without liability on the part of Edward Collinson. EC reserves the right to cancel any order if the customer has breached one or more of these Terms & Conditions or has been subject to any insolvency procedure or if any amounts owed by the customer to us become overdue or if unforeseen events arise that materially impact Edward Collinson’s ability to execute the order as agreed with the customer. (e.g., unexpected fluctuations in raw material availability, staff shortage due to a positive Covid-19 case) All lead times provided by us are estimates only, Edward Collinson will do its utmost to meet delivery dates, we shall not be under any liability whatsoever for delay in estimates delivery times or failure to deliver for any cause, or from any loss or damages that arise. EC reserves the right to charge storage fees 14 days from the time a product has been ready for dispatch or collection or the confirmed dispatch or collection date on the order, whatever is later. In case customers cannot inspect goods immediately at receipt “received with reserve” must be recorded on all accompanying shipment documentation or we must be notified in writing on the day of delivery. The client must make every effort to inspect goods within 48 hours of receipt, EC reserves the right to refuse any claims from inspections undertaken after said time frame. EC will not be liable for any damages in the event that the customer has not complied with directions provided concerning the assembly of a product or any damages arising from misuse or lack of maintenance and care of the delivered goods. EC will not accept or pay any invoice sent by third parties for repair of defective goods. Edward Collinson reserves the right to alter packaging dimensions and weights without prior notice. All goods delivered remain the property of Edward Collinson until the customer has paid the price in full and the goods are delivered. In cases where Invoices or Requests for Payment remain unpaid beyond their due date, Edward Collinson reserves the right to release any stock reserved or for the order and takes no responsibility for any resulting increase in lead times. In case of a late or non-payment Edward Collinson may charge interest of 12% p.a. on any outstanding amounts. Edward Collinson reserves the right to charge any debt collection or legal fees arising during the recovery of the outstanding amount.